Welcome to Hedsor Golf Course!

Hedsor is the most peaceful and the most beautiful pay-and-play golf course in Buckinghamshire. It provides wonderful opportunities for the beginner, and challenges for the expert golfer.The Course stands on a flat plateau, surrounded by woodlands, but within the course there are some fascinating hazards.

Without hills to climb it can be a comfortable stroll, but beware the surprises at each and every hole to create a fascinating game of golf.

The yardage allows nine holes to be played in less than two hours, nearer 1½ hours for the expert, who will take the second nine with a variety of alternative tees, and make it back to the clubhouse in 3½ hours.

We will take you quickly around the Course as a preview, but glance right before the 2nd tee, and again far away when you cross to the 4th tee, at the half-mile grass runway which survives from the days when Hedsor was an airfield.

Still licensed by Heathrow, you may occasionally see a light aircraft come in, but only after advance notice is given to all golfers. So, let us take you around the Course.

Please phone for starting times.

Hole 1: Par 4: 345 yards
There are few players who would reach the green in one, so play the dog-leg right fairly wide and see the beautiful lake on the left side of the fairway where the Moorhen and Coot paddle between the bullrushes. A beautiful Scots Pine marks the concealed ditch before a splendid green marked by three bunkers.
Hole 2: Par 5: 469 yards
You have just turned away from the woodlands to the north, and those to your left now flank the fairway, whilst you search for that club which will get you the biggest yardage. Again there are few who will make it to the ditch crossing the fairway at 265 yards from the tee, and marked by the ancient Gorse bush always flowering. Clear this ditch and beware the bunker straight ahead, for the green shot which will clear two bunkers to the left.
Hole 3: Par 4: 257 yards
Picturesque beyond measure when the Rhododendrons are in flower to the left and beyond the green. Hazards await at a third and two thirds of the yardage. You will clear the first ditch, but the second awaits the unwarey. Central to the fairway you need a good chip shot to clear the Gorse and the Broom to play squarely on to the green.
Hole 4: Par 4: 399 yards
All the way a challenge, starting with a tight gap marked by Gorse to left and right to reach the fairway, 80 yards from the tee. The ambitious and keen-sighted will see the flag, but play direct to the green if you dare. Sharp dog-leg left to avoid out-of-bounds off the fairway. The second ditch marks the turn.
Hole 5: Par 4: 299 yards
A clear view, but a deceptive challenge. The trees at the slight dog-leg right conceal the flag which follows the ditch at 250 yards. The best yardage for a good player gives you the clear view and an attractive green shot with two putts to achieve par.
Hole 6: Par 3: 154 yards
Nearly the shortest hole but the most exciting. The great lake stands close to the left as you make the green in one or make a splash. Others have made it their Hole-in-One on the sixth.
Hole 7: Par 3: 148 yards
Plan your tee shot to reach the green in one, but see how it is raised and beware the pond beyond. The green contours will remind you of a championship course, so do not underestimate the shortest hole.
Hole 8: Par 3: 190 yards
Face a large bunker to span the width of the green and more. Choose the club to clear the bunker, or choose to divert to the left, right is out-of-bounds. Par is a tough challenge without reaching the green in one.
Hole 9: Par 4: 318 yards
When you clear the oblique gap in the copse which marks the ditch in front of the tee, the ancient mound on the right carries a monument to navigators of ancient history. Well, you navigated round the Course successfully! The ninth green comes into sight, and the Clubhouse before the second nine.
The Clubhouse
Now play a second nine as you wish or back to the pretty clubhouse, the bar awaits or coffee and snacks as you please.

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